Minidoka and Cassia Counties are currently under flood advisories and this crazy video shows exactly why. Make sure you stay safe out there.

This drone footage from 400 N. in Rupert shows how the flooding has already started and all signs show that it is just getting started. Sure we are all enjoying some of the warmer temperatures, but after the snow and run off it is causing some significant damage to properties in the Minidoka and Cassia County areas.

Hopefully because the warm temperatures the ground will be able to absorb most of the water and take relieve some of the standing water. Here are the road closures due to flooding:

Just remember, you never should drive through flooded water. If you can't see the road you do not know the conditions underneath. It takes no time to get swept away and potentially drown.

There is a reason "Turn around, don't drown" is drilled into your head when talking about flooding.

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