There are many reasons why I believe in adopting not shopping. This poor fellow is one of the reasons. This dog had an owner and was intentionally shot. Now Friends Furever Animal Rescue saved him and he needs a special home.

Shot Dog Is Looking For New Furever Home

5-year-old Saber was intentionally shot while he was out and about. His owner could not afford the required vet care expenses so he was turned into the local shelter. Friends Furever adopted him on December 1st. We do not know the situation surrounding why the dog was out and running, and I don't want to jump to conclusions. We are just going to focus on the positive that Saber is alive, rescued, and looking for a special home.

Saber Looking For Special Home

Saber is now partially paralyzed. He was found dragging his back legs. The bullet is lodged in his spine. Thankfully, Friends Furever Animal Rescue took him in. He was not in great condition. He was covered in bedsores and infection but he is on the road to recovery. Right now he has a temporary foster. And he is starting to do so much better. However, the foster likely can't keep him forever. So if you are comfortable taking a special needs dog who can give you special joy in your life, Saber might be the right decision for you.

You Can Help Even If You Can't Adopt

Saber used to love playing fetch. There is a chance to improve his standard of living. If you would like to send some tennis balls or toys, he would be super happy. You can send them to Saber's foster home in Pocatello at 559 Laughran Rd. They are also accepting monetary donations to help with further vet bills because he has a long road ahead of him.

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