Going to the grocery store is much different than it used to be. It is possible to do all of your grocery shopping without ever stepping foot in a store. It used to be that at every register there was someone who helped bag your groceries, would also help take them out, and even load them into your car. If you do go into the store, not only is there no longer someone bagging but there is also no cashier most of the time. Some love self-checkout, because they bag their way and can scan at their pace, while many others hate it, and feel they are doing the job of the employees. No matter how you feel about it, self-checkout is only going to expand, and eventually, the few cashiers that still exist will be gone entirely. It is fair to ask though, since customers are having to do the job of current and former employees, should employee discounts come with self-checkout, and what about tips?

Discounts at Self-Checkout in Idaho

Credit: photobac
Credit: photobac

There are plenty of people who are irritated with self-checkout and wish things would go back to the old days. Some think it should go away altogether, which you can read about by clicking the link. It is likely to do the opposite though and expand, and fewer and fewer cashiers will be in stores as time goes on. One of the reasons that people don't like self-checkout is because they feel they are doing the job of former employees who were once cashiers. This isn't wrong, and it raises the question, if customers are doing the job of former employees, should they receive some of the benefits? If a customer is choosing to do self-checkout, should they receive employee discounts? It would be possible to have a coupon printout with the receipt that reads, 20 percent off next purchase, or buy one get one free. Instead, these big corporations are paying for fewer workers, and profiting more than ever. 

Tips and Benefits of Self-Checkout in Idaho

Credit: Simon Kadula on Unsplash
Credit: Simon Kadula on Unsplash

In a story written earlier this week, gas pumps could begin asking for tips, it brought up the discussion of receiving tips for only being present. If that is the case, then shouldn't customers be able to tip themselves at self-checkout machines? If customers are doing the work of former employees, should they get a tip for putting an item back, or for helping another customer find something? There are pros to self-checkout, such as shorter lines, bagging to your desire, and being able to move at your pace. While it is beneficial to some, why should customers be asked to do free labor, as companies pay fewer employees but see more profit? There need to be benefits for all parties, and currently, there are none. 

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While nothing is likely to change and stores won't be giving benefits to their customers, how long until many of us decide self-check-out isn't worth it? If someone is being paid to stand at a register, they should be put to work. Sadly, most of us are too impatient to wait in line, and will then flock to self-check-out to save time. If we do though, we should be compensated with employee discounts, tips, or some other motivation to help these companies lessen their payroll.

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