There are many stores in the Magic Valley to choose from when it comes to shopping, and everyone has their favorites for certain things. Debates have been going on for years about which stores people prefer, but one of the great debates has always been Target or Walmart. Each has pros and cons, and perhaps it depends on which item you are shopping for, on which store you choose to go to. The debate will continue on and likely never be resolved. When it does come to shopping at Target, certain stores have fees you might not be aware of, and they could be coming to Idaho Target stores soon.

Hidden Fees at Target Stores

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

Theft has been at an all-time high in Walmart and Target stores over the last year, and both companies are looking at ways to make the money up. Target has taken measures into their own hands in Colorado by adding a new fee to purchases. It is called a Public Improvement Fee, and it is a one percent tax that is typically used to help with larger development and redevelopment projects. The Target stores that have this fee post signs outside of the store, but if customers don't notice them, they might be shocked to find out this fee exists. With Colorado stores already applying this fee, how long until it makes its way to Idaho, and eventually into every Target store in the country? 

Will Idaho Targets Add New Fee?

Credit: Shabaz Usmani on Unsplash
Credit: Shabaz Usmani on Unsplash

Depending on the feedback and the success of this added fee in Colorado, it is likely to expand to other states. With the fee being used towards development and Idaho seeing a rise in population, it would be wise for Target to add this fee to the Gem State eventually, especially if they look at adding another store in the Magic Valley down the line. It likely would not make customers happy in the area but will be worth monitoring. If this fee doesn't receive too much backlash, how long until Walmart adds it on, or Costco, or other major chain stores? 

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Make sure to check your receipts as you go shopping this week or weekend, and see if perhaps there are some hidden fees you might not be aware of. The good news is that Target hasn't started applying this fee in the Magic Valley yet, but the time may soon be upon us, and it will likely happen without an announcement. Keep your eyes open, because you might be paying more than you realize shortly.

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