Going shopping can often be a drag. Stores are crowded, it takes a while, and odds are you will have trouble finding at least one item. During the winter, it is even worse, as finding parking near the door is tough, and walking from the car to the building is an adventure, especially when it is windy. One of the worst things someone can do when going grocery shopping is to shop when hungry. You will buy more than you need and things you don't usually eat, but sound good in the moment. It can also lead to customers doing something that is frowned upon and is worth asking, is it allowed, and should there be a consequence if caught doing it?

Eating Groceries While Shopping in Idaho

Credit: grki
Credit: grki

While being hungry while shopping is a no-no, we all do it from time to time. Typically it affects our wallets, but some shoppers can't wait until they are done shopping, and decide to open up something in their cart and start eating while they go up and down every aisle. How an adult can't wait until they are done shopping to eat their purchases is astounding. It is one thing to open a snack for a crying child, but for an adult to do so seems wrong. Eat before shopping, or stay hungry until you get home, or at least purchase the product. If an employee at the store sees a customer eating an unpaid product, are there any consequences? 

Is it Legal to Eat While Shopping in Idaho?

Credit: Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash
Credit: Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

By law, eating an item you intend to pay for is not illegal. Most employees would likely not say anything or think anything of it. Does that make it ok though? It is best to wait until you have purchased the item, but if you are going to open something, you then should buy it either way, and there are certain foods that you shouldn't eat. Don't eat something with a wrapper that could be left on the floor or in the cart. Don't eat food that is purchased by weight like certain fruits. Don't open canned food and eat it throughout the store, or eat something that could leave crumbs or a mess. 

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The next time you go grocery shopping hungry, make sure to hit a drive-thru or get a snack from home before hitting the store. If you can't wait and need a snack, you won't get in trouble eating while shopping, but it doesn't mean it is something you should do.

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