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Alleged sightings of a serpent like creature in the waters of Idaho's Bear Lake have been reported for over 150 years. However, it's been almost two decades since the last, credible sighting, has been made public.

The first recorded sighting of the so-called, "Bear Lake Monster," was in 1868, according to a nearby, Utah newspaper article. The creature has been described differently by those who have alleged to have caught a glimpse. Most reports liken the thing to a large reptile.

Bear Lake is located approximately 230 miles, southeast of Twin Falls, with the body of water being almost divided in half by the Idaho-Utah border. The lake is more than 200 feet deep, and spans roughly 110 square miles.

In 2002, a local man named Brian Hirschi reported seeing multiple humps breaking the surface of the waters. Hirschi even claimed to have seen the monster's face as it surfaced from just beneath the boat he was on. He described its skin as green, with red eyes.

Have you seen the Bear Lake Monster?

In February of 2017, a video (below) was posted to YouTube that touches briefly on the history of the sightings.

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