Two major websites teamed up to find out what states have the workers who love their jobs more than any others. If you want to know who's #1, look in the mirror. Idahoans love their jobs so much it hurts.

The websites that did this study are Monster and Brandwatch. You'd think that Monster would know their job stuff since jobs is their reason for existence. Their methodology is curious. According to the study, they analyzed over 2 million tweets (that's Twitter for you mountain people who are just stopping in town for supplies). Based on what people said about their jobs on Twitter, they ranked the states for who loves their jobs the most.

With all the tweets crunched, Idaho is #1 in America for job love. (*Group hug*)

Here's something funny to me. The further east you go, the madder people get. And, the number one month for job hate is July. I guess sweating at your desk when the boss refuses to turn on the air conditioner can suck.

Another interesting job stat is that women tend to love their jobs a lot more than men. 67% of women love their jobs. Only 33% of men say they do (because their wives have told them to).

You can download the full report if you want to feel the job love. Unless, of course, you're too busy hugging your desk.

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