If you’re into all kinds of sports… and I mean everything from croquet to golf, to hunting, you’re about to find the entire spectrum of athletic equipment, apparel, and then some, all under one roof. The mega sporting goods store SCHEELS is coming to Idaho in 2024

About SCHEELS Sporting goods

If you’ve never been to a SCHEELS, its magnitude is hard to explain. Think of the largest sporting goods store you’ve ever been in. Now imagine that same store but even bigger. Now double that. Now picture it as its own shopping universe with stores within stores, a cafe, an aquarium, and an amusement park. That about sums it up, but when you see it in person it’s still bigger than you’d imagine. 

Where will SCHEELS first Idaho store be located?

Construction of a new SCHEELS building is already underway at 700 S Wayfinder Avenue in Meridian, Idaho. In the meantime, if you happen to find yourself in the Salt Lake City area, there’s a SCHEELS in Sandy, Utah that you can check out. 

When is SCHEELS Meridian going to open?

There hasn’t been an exact date announced yet. And since construction is unpredictable, it can be hard for a company to announce an exact opening date this far out. With that in mind, SCHEELS is expecting to be open in the Spring of 2024

Will SCHEELS be worth the drive?

The answer to that all depends on you. If I can find something I need without having to leave Twin, I’d rather save myself the trip. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t be fun to go there when I happen to be in the Boise area. I’ve been to the SCHEELS in Utah and it’s impressive, to say the least. 

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