UPDATE: Rumors of the circus coming to the Shu Fly Arena in Gooding are false. On March 19, 2019, family members of the Shu Fly Arena owners told us the event was not happening. Soon after, King Cole Circus pulled the event in Gooding off of social media.

PREVIOUS STORY: Rumors of the circus coming to the Shu Fly Arena in Gooding are false.

We were contacted this morning by several Magic Valley residents claiming tickets are being passed out at Magic Valley schools to a King Cole Circus event at the Shu Fly Arena in Gooding.

The problem is that the owner of the arena has stated on social media there is no such event happening.

We also received a message from the Shu Fly owner's daughter and she says that her father is contacting the circus to have the event information taken down.

We contacted the King Cole Circus and they claim that there is an agreement and an event scheduled for March 30, 2019, at the Shu Fly, and seemed surprised when we informed them the venue is saying otherwise.

The other odd thing about this is although there is a Facebook event for the circus, it isn't listed on the King Cole Circus website.

We checked out several other events posted by King Cole Circus and confirmed them against the hosting venues. The only event that appears to be in dispute is Gooding, so it sounds like this could be a matter of miscommunication. We advise caution before purchasing tickets to the King Cole Circus at Shu Fly Arena.

If you really are looking for a circus for your kids, it appears the King Cole Circus will be in Rexburg April 2 and Boise on April 5-6.

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