You can judge this time of year in terms of school getting out. There is mention of camping or vacations. Some people talk about time for a tan and water gun fights. In my childhood, smart people perceived time by rodeo season. I have a long-standing love of bull riding but am intrigued by an event in Gooding this weekend.

What is Dirty Rotten Buckers Saddle Bronc Futurity?

At Andy James Arena in the Gooding County Fairgrounds on May 27th, The Dirty Rotten Buckers Saddle Bronc Futurity will be out in full force. Which broncs and cowboys are set for a great career in pro rodeo? Colts are brought in by stock contractors across the country and future busting stars will be showing off for our entertainment. It’s like gladiators, but these guys can get paid.

It’s not just a show. These competitors are out for money and notoriety. Some may consider Gooding as a small stone, but that stone ripples up to Wrangler Network. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best seats, with the best attire required for such a prestigious event.

Dirty Rotten Buckers, or DRB, isn’t just about the horses, it’s about the look. You want a chance to say you saw those stars in the beginning, and here’s the proof. Gear up and get it right.

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The dirt will fly and maybe even a cowboy or two this weekend in Gooding. We’ll see who moves up in the PRCA and which horses have what it takes to make the cut.

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