Many children grow up enjoying the circus. It is a fun experience and creates memories to last a lifetime. There are clowns, animals, and incredible acts to entertain you. From time to time, those animals will escape, and it can be terrifying, or it can make for a great story, depending on which animal it is. One circus animal recently escaped in a Montana town and decided to go for a stroll, creating a day that many will never forget.

Circus Elephant Escapes in Butte, Montana

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, a circus Elephant, by the name of Viola, decided to try to run away from the circus by going for a little stroll through the middle of town in Butte, Montana. The incident was all caught on video, which you can see above. Thank goodness, she doesn't appear to harm anyone or cause any damage, but likely made a few people late to where they were going, as well as made for a good story as well. Viola is a part of the Jordan World Circus and was set to perform that day before making other plans. She was caught and returned to her trainers. 

Elephant Goes for a Walk in Montana

Viola created plenty of news on Tuesday, grabbing national headlines, and becoming an internet sensation. Imagine driving to work, an appointment, or running errands, and having to stop and wait as an elephant walks in front of your car. Many who witnessed the elephant's stroll took pictures and videos, but the comments on one Facebook had many laughing and enjoying the story even more. Below are some of the comments made on a picture of Viola on the Facebook page for the Rockstar Radio Show

I don't understand why this is news... an average Butte woman was wandering the streets of Butte

Like we don't have enough going on in the world, someone decides to roll in Jumanji.

Must be a sister to the gal at the casino.

Some of the comments are a little mean, but they are pretty funny as well. It is good to see people having fun at this lighthearted story and the uniqueness of seeing an elephant walking through town. 

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If you would like to see the full video of Viola's stroll through town, make sure to click the link above the second paragraph. If you are ever in this situation, make sure to record it, or else nobody will believe you. Hopefully, Viola had a good walk, and a good nap, and will be ready to start performing and entertaining again soon.

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