You can now spend the night in the 90s complete with "Be kind-rewind" and the anguish of finding the perfect movie for your sleep over. You can spend the night in the last Blockbuster in the world!

According to the Air BnB post the last Blockbuster is located in Bend Oregon. You have to wait until August 17th at 1 p.m. and there will be 3 nights in September you can rent. September 18th, 19th and 20th so far are the only dates available for rent.

Basically they are opening the entire store to their customers so they can rent video games, watch movies and enjoy the bean bags, pull out couch and pillows that you will be able to enjoy.

They are really focusing on the 90s theme, they will be offering "new releases" from the 90s from video games to movies. The store can occupy 4 guests and a half bath will be provided. The living room area looks pretty amazing I am not going to lie.

This could be one of the best "girls night" opportunities out there right now. Get your closest friends, enjoy an entire Blockbuster store to yourself and it costs $4 per person. At least right now that is what it says on the Air BnB.

This could be completely worth the road trip and maybe in the future they will add additional nights to stay in the future, when everything gets back to normal.

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