It's truly a hold-over from a bygone era: the video store. With iTunes, Netflix, Hulu+, and other on-demand streaming services, I'm surprised Blockbuster lasted this long. But as of today, Blockbuster is no more.

The company announced that they are closing the remaining 300 Blockbuster Video stores and the Blockbuster DVD mailing service.

Blockbuster just can't compete with the likes of Netflix. Why would anyone want to get in the car, drive to the video store, and look for something to watch, when you can do the exact same thing with your remote on Netflix from the comfort of your couch? In our instant gratification society, a drive to the video store just takes too long.

And then--should you actually find something to rent--you have to worry about getting the movie back to the store or incurring a late fee.

Twin Falls already lost its Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video, but movies and games can still be rented at Hastings and at any RedBox. The video store, like the record store, is dying. Our kids may never step foot in either of these stores in their lifetimes. Is that a tragic loss, or should we let them rest in peace?