Blockbuster was once the place to go on Friday and Saturday nights. Everyone enjoyed going in and browsing the walls and aisles of movies, and video games, and getting popcorn or candy to take home as well. What should be a 5-minute stop, would often turn into a half hour or more, looking at what the new movies were, the new games, or perhaps looking for a certain one you enjoyed and wanted to see again. There were many nights you planned on renting only one thing but ended up leaving with a tower of movies or games. It was sad to see the company go, but now there is hope that Blockbuster could return to Idaho, but in a different fashion than most remember. 

Little Blockbusters North of Idaho

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Blockbuster once dominated the country when it came to music, movies, and video games, but sadly they have all closed in the world, except for one in Bend, Oregon. Unless you make the trip to Oregon, it is likely that you will never see or experience one again in your lifetime, or is it? One woman in Edmonton decided to take matters into her own hands and open up a little Blockbuster for her neighborhood. She took her DVDs that were collecting dust and decided to do something with them. She took a cabinet, painted it the traditional Blockbuster colors, and put her DVDs in it for the neighborhood to enjoy. She also stocks it with candies and bags of popcorn. The idea has caught on and is a big success in the area. 

Blockbuster in Idaho


The idea is similar to something Idaho already has, and that is the free libraries around town. Children take a book, read it, and return it, or they could put in a new book to replace the one they took. It would only take a few people to build and place little Blockbusters around the area, and the Magic Valley could see the return of Blockbuster to the area. Many residents of the Magic Valley have plenty of DVDs they don't watch anymore and could donate to multiple Blockbusters to help them get started. Someone would need to monitor them from time to time to make sure they remain stocked and perhaps add candy or popcorn as well. 

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While it isn't truly Blockbuster like many of us remember and hope for, it is a startand it would be a great addition to the Magic Valley. Would you like to see Little Blockbusters in the Magic Valley? Would you use it and would you contribute to it? Hopefully one will pop up soon and the next generation can know the magic of Blockbuster in some form. 

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