Blockbuster once dominated Friday and Saturday nights when it came to watching movies at home or playing new video games. Before there was Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, or whatever other streaming service you use, there was Blockbuster. It set the foundation for what these services would eventually become, but sadly, these services are what knocked Blockbuster out of business. There is only one left in the world, in Bend, Oregon, and it is more of a tourist destination than anything else these days. For many, Blockbuster was where a lot of memories happened. It was a part of their childhood and their weekends growing up, but it is now a thing of the past and will likely never return, or will it? 

Could Blockbuster Return to California?

Credit: Scott Olson
Credit: Scott Olson

Could Blockbuster ever make a comeback? It is possible, but instead of waiting for some millionaire or billionaire to do so, why not take matters into your own hands? I am not recommending buying a building, a bunch of old movies and video games, and starting your own, but there is a way to bring Blockbuster back to California for cheap, and one lady in Canada has already done so. Aysha O'Brien in Edmonton, decided to take her old DVDs and share them with her neighborhood. She took an old cabinet and built her own little Blockbuster to put on the street. It is similar to little libraries that have been placed throughout towns. She even stocks the cabinet with snacks and microwave popcorn. She only asks that you put in a movie if you take one, or return the one you take after you are done

Little Blockbuster in California 

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The concept in Canada has caught on, and multiple little Blockbusters have popped up throughout the country. It is a simple concept and would be easy to do for neighborhoods across California. Find an old cabinet at a garage sale, a thrift store, or one you have in your shed or garage, and paint it blue and yellow. Stick it on a pole, load it up with those boxes of DVDs collecting dust in your closet or attic, and share them with those who may not be able to afford streaming services. Yes, there will be some movies that never get returned, but the hope is that they bring joy those in your area, and introduce Blockbuster to a new generation, even if it isn't the true form we all remember.  

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While the world will likely never see Blockbuster the way it used to be ever again, it doesn't mean it can't live on in some form or fashion. Put those used DVDs and video games you no longer watch or play to use, and share them with your community. It may not be Blockbuster the way we want and remember, but it is a start. 

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