I have been here in Twin Falls almost 5 years and my first full winter in Twin Falls was Snowmagedon. 4 years ago we were in the midst of the snowpocalypse, the worst snow storm the area had seen in about 30 years according to people in the area. 

I actually got snowed into my house, there was record flooding, driving was a nightmare and it was the most snow in one day than this Southern Nevada girl had seen her entire life.

Do you remember this storm? I remember it being incredibly difficult to get anywhere and I remember the damage being pretty severe. I remember local law enforcement asking people not to leave their homes and drive because they were so overwhelmed with accidents and people getting stuck on the side of the road.

And I remember a lot of flooding later in the year once things started to thaw out. It is crazy to think that just 4 years ago this storm was coming through the area and this week we have temperatures in the 40s and didn't even get a white Christmas.

It was definitely a crazy wake up call for me when I moved here but I did find out that since I could survive the Snowmagedon that was 2017, I could survive pretty much any winter in southern Idaho. Share your memories and photos, always fun to see.

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CSI Fall Leaves

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