REI Facebook I would never want to work retail on Black Friday but I do enjoy shopping with all the other crazies on Black Friday to see if I can save $20.00.

Consumers are crazy about Black Friday. There's already a moron camped outside a Best Buy in Florida.

I assume that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for most retail businesses. Which is why I was shocked to find out that REI will be closing it's doors on Black Friday and giving their employees the day off!

The business will close all 143 of their stores on Black Friday. This will give all 12,000 of their employees a paid day off.

It's part of a campaign to get people to go outside and enjoy themselves.  Their website will still be up, but they won't have any special Black Friday promotions, and they won't process the orders until Saturday.

From a business stand point this seems crazy because it will cost the company millions of dollars but from a position of people caring for people, it's amazing!

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