We had an early party at the studios for Star Trek day since none of us will be here tomorrow. Question is, who gets the rest of the food? First to leave gets first pick? Last to leave cleans the table? There is an etiquette to this that seems to get lost with the vultures (myself included) here at work.

Do you have potlucks and each person takes a bit home? Does the person who brought it, take the leftovers back? What if nobody liked what someone brought? Is it hurtful to not take some? Pretty please, don't heat it up at work. We never want to speak of the fish in the microwave incident. Or when food is forgotten. Nobody out there wants to know about the hidden shrimp at the studios. Let's just say the station fridge will NEVER be the same.

I think the whole extra pack of cupcakes might make its way to my desk behind the trashcan, then quietly to my car at the end of the day. What? Everybody had some cupcakes!

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