Planned romantic dates like Valentine’s Day are full of danger. You think you’ve done it right. The reservations for dinner are made months in advance, the gift is wrapped, and the flowers are ready for delivery. This is a perfectly planned day. Then the unexpected happens.

What Happens When Date Night Plans Have to Change?

It could be a sick child who can’t be left with a babysitter. The restaurant where you were supposed to have the romantic dinner had a fire in the kitchen and is closed. Whatever it is, a special night out has now changed to a cozy night in.


You can order some food to be delivered and make it fun with a romantic comedy. Why not? The plans have been thrown out the window. What do you choose to watch?

Do you reach for one of the top 15 romantic comedies according to IMDb? Or do you break out on your own to try something new? Do you let your partner choose, or throw all the ideas in a hat and pick one out at random? Looper has crunched the data and divided it up by state.

us map of rom coms
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Well, in Idaho you can expect most people to choose ‘The Proposal’. It’s got Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, so eye candy for all to enjoy. Spoiler alert, there’s a happy ending. The only real problem with Idaho’s most popular choice is that it is shared with California.

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This may be one of the very few times that Idaho and California can agree on any one issue. It is debatable if that is good or bad. Idaho may be doing some serious soul-searching and making different choices in the future.

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