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Pomerelle Ski Resort in Malta Idaho is a popular resort for Magic Valley skiers and snowboarders. This winter the resort has seen snow storm after snow storm.

According to Pomerelle Ski Resort's website they received 30" of new snow just last week. Onthesnow.com reports the mountain will receive another 5" today. Pomerelle Mountain currently has 149" of snow on the base of the mountain and 250" total.

On February 24th, the resort tried to tell Old Man Winter via Facebook that they are good. No more snow is needed at this time. However more snow is on the way.

Pomerelle Ski Resort is located at 961 Howell Canyon Road in Malta, Idaho. Howell Canyon Road can change at any minute due to road conditions. This YouTube video, taken on January 22nd, shows what your drive to Pomerelle Mountain could look like. Travel safely.

Magic Mountain has also received massive amounts of snow. 

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