Brad and I were talking about this earlier today. With "Avengers: End Game" now out in theaters and "Game of Thrones" back on television, would you end a friendship if they shared a "spoiler" with you?

Brad thinks that I am being too hard on them, but I absolutely would and have ended a friendship over them blatantly sharing spoilers on social media. Some say that I take entertainment too seriously, but for me, it is a lack of respect and common courtesy.

If social media ever had a rule, the one everyone knows is that you keep the secrets of big production movies and shows that everyone loves. You definitely don't share spoilers the day or night of the premiere.

So if a friend of yours spoils something is it worth ending a friendship over?

And we never really came to a consensus about how long you should wait until you start talking about it and they no longer become spoilers.



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