We had to ask the question because when we posted about some of the worst intersections, more and more were added. Now we have to know which intersection is the worst. Which one do you avoid at all cost?

Our original story was the 6 worst intersections in Twin Falls, but when we shared it with you, there were so many more that were added. So we compiled a list and had to figure out exactly which one is the worst.

We want to thank everyone for their input. Some of these intersections I didn't even think about because I almost never travel on some of them. Good thing too apparently because they must be really terrible.

We also got a lot of comments that our intersections aren't bad at all, not compared to larger cities. Though that may be true to some extent, but we have so much traffic in comparison to our population. Some of these intersections are bad enough that it takes 2 to 3 light changes to get through and trying to cross busy traffic lanes is rough.

It might also seem worse because some people don't really know how to drive in heavy traffic since it is fairly new in the area. I don't blame them, I have a hard time figuring out traffic in the area as well. Some people are driving slow, others really fast and sometimes you just don't know what drivers are going to do.

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