Twin Falls traffic has been an interesting thing for me to get used to since I moved here. There are some strange intersections that people just don't seem to grasp and others bully their way through. These are the ones we found to be the worst intersections. Not in any specific order.


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    If you are driving south on Washington through the Addison intersection you can either continue straight onto Washington or turn on to Main, the problem is that no one uses their blinkers and the stop sign for northern flowing traffic gets backed up. The inside lane has to turn on to Main, the outer lane has a choice, no one signals. It can get super frustrating.

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    Blue Lakes/2nd Ave East

    If you are going north on Blue Lakes  through the Kimberly Road intersection you meet the intersection of 2nd Ave East. South bound traffic has a stop sign but north bound does not. The weird turn on to 2nd Ave where people either dart last minute to the turn lane or go straight gets frustrating. Then the people driving south not realizing there is no stop sign for oncoming traffic. It gets dangerous. I have seen so many near accidents here.

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    Blue Lakes/ Pole Line Road

    First of all the lights take FOREVER. Secondly, if you are on Blue Lakes turning left on to Pole Line Road to get into Costco it is a mass pile up waiting to happen from both directions. Those turning left never seem to realize that they have to cross 3 lanes of busy traffic and they can go to the next light, and people turning right on to Pole Line tend to go very slow so they can merge. It is a lose lose intersection.

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    Pole Line Road/Washington

    Near Walmart it is just a mess. People trying to get in and out of the 5 thousand turn lanes between Cheney and Pole Line, darting through traffic, going slow. The traffic light is ridiculous too, especially if you are trying to turn on a green arrow. It lasts about 2 seconds.

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    Main/ Shoshone

    This intersection is awful. Traffic trying to go straight through on Main tends to have to wait forever for traffic on Shoshone. When Shoshone is finally clear you have pedestrians everywhere. I wonder if a light would work better here. Even turning on and off Shoshone to Main can be a pain.

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    5 Points

    I have never lived in an area that had a 5 points intersection before. You can turn left on some streets, can't on to others, the lights are very short, the traffic gets backed up especially if someone is travelling south bound on Blue Lakes and has to turn left right past the intersection. Frustrating and confusing

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