We have seen a bunch of rants and raves on the different drive-thru or fast food restaurants in Twin Falls lately on Facebook. We want to know if some of them are as bad and good as they seem.

We definitely couldn't fit all of the fast food or drive-thru restaurants in Twin Falls. We have an abundance of them, which is a great thing because who doesn't love variety?

I have frequented probably every single drive-thru restaurant in Twin Falls at one point or another. I choose where I go based on what I am craving, as most people do. Admittedly though, there are some drive-thru restaurants that I absolutely refuse to go to because I have had terrible experiences, and there are some that are on the top of my list because they are amazing.

Do you think some of these fast food restaurants are worth going to? If you refuse to go to some of these places, why is that? What is your favorite drive-thru or fast food restaurant in Twin Falls?

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