Don't dump deceased animals on the lawn of the Twin Falls Animal Shelter

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared a video of someone who thought that they could leave their deceased animal on the lawn of the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. The shelter said that they just want to share this as a PSA and no charges or anything would be pressed against this person.

I want to start by saying that we don't know this person's situation. For all we know this animal was not theirs, maybe they hit the animal and it was too late to contact the shelter so to get the information to the rightful person, this was their best idea. Maybe they accidentally hit the animal or found it somewhere and it didn't have tags so they wanted to check for a microchip but it was too late for the shelter to be open. No one knows the full story here.

That being said, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter does ask that people do not dump deceased animals there. They will help with deceased animals however they can and recommend cremation services and such. However, leaving an animal there, especially after hours, is not something they encourage.

If you do need to dump a deceased animal, the trash transfer station will take animal carcassed after 4 pm. It may not sound like a great option but it may be the only one for some.

I feel so bad for the shelter workers who had to get to work and see it. I am sure they have seen it before but it has to be hard to start your day off that way. So please, if your pet or an animal is deceased, please don't leave it at the shelter

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