It is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, even though they should be appreciated every single day. So for all the Twin Falls law enforcement officers, this is to you.

And honestly, this letter goes out to every law enforcement officer everywhere. We unfortunately are living in a society where respect for the badge is dwindling. I saw a law enforcement officer post on their social media page requesting that people not flip him off when they drive by him. Why does this have to be said? I never in a million years would think about disrespecting and officer like that.

These men and women should be treated with as much respect as our military. They go out every single day and they don't know if they are coming back home in one piece to their families. Thank you for everything you do to keep people safe and to help those you can.

I have been pulled over by Twin Falls law enforcement, I knew I was speeding. Despite the fact that I did in fact break the law, the officer was pleasant, incredibly kind and dare I say even funny. These men and women are just that, men and women. They are not the enemy. Fortunately, I was given a warning, but I would have the same thought even if I had gotten the ticket that I deserved.

I have witnessed law enforcement all over the Magic Valley going above and beyond the call of duty. They enjoy participating in challenges like the "Git up" challenge and "Lip Sync" challenges. Law enforcement officers in the Magic Valley, Idaho and across the nation, you don't get enough credit nor enough thanks. Here is my attempt to show a portion of the gratitude I feel towards all of you and everything you do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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