The Twin Falls Police Department has many duties. They have a responsibility to deter crime, of course. Officers conduct traffic stops and issue citations. They respond to emergency and non-emergency calls. A lesser considered responsibility is Animal Control.

Animal Control gets a call when a pesky pesty pet situation pervades a Twin Falls resident. The critters that find themselves unlucky enough to need transport will find themselves in luxurious accommodations. A call from a resident to (208) 735-4357 will result in a new vehicle equipped with temperature-controlled kennels arriving to keep animals in relative comfort as they are transported to the proper location.

Now the stray who loves to walk all the kids home from school can find themselves on the way to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter in better digs than a 17-year-old who is driving the family hand-me-down car that has been through a parent and 2 older siblings. Heat and air-conditioned kennels await this lucky pooch.

Citizens who called Animal Control are not getting those dogs ‘arrested’. They are helping the animals stay safe from getting hit by a car, and helping motorists stay safe from having an accident trying to avoid the animal as well.

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When our precious pooches find themselves freed of the confines of our property lines, we call (208) 735-2299. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is not an unfamiliar number to some residents who have escape artists living with them. These owners of wily canines can rest easy knowing that the new transport will have better comfort than many a 1st car teenager.

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