What would you do? What would you do if you had more pets than you knew what to do with around your home? Many people love animals in Idaho, but when is it too much? This does not reference having cows, horses, or farm animals on a farm. This is people that own pets around their house that are more common. Do you have too many dogs? Do you own too many cats? At some point, there isn't enough room, and somebody needs to step in to cut you off or to tell you to sell or give away some pets, but how do you decide and how do you determine what to do about your zoo?

Too Many Pets in Idaho

Credit: LucBrousseau
Credit: LucBrousseau

In Idaho, there are plenty of animals running wild, and from time to time it is tempting to catch some of them. From lizards, to stray cats, or perhaps the bunnies in Buhl, it is easy to find animals to bring home. It doesn't mean you should catch them, as these animals are best left in their habitat and in the wild, but when one is injured or finds itself to be tame, it is hard to say no. At what point do you look around and realize you have started a mini zoo in your home? 

Adopting and Selling Pets in Idaho

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It is never easy to get rid of a pet, but if the house is starting to stink and there is no room for any more pets, it might be time to give some away or sell them. How do you decide what pet to giveaway? If you don't want to give an animal away or sell one, how do you go about cutting yourself off from adding to the zoo? My wife and I struggle with this, as we are both animal lovers, and nobody wants to be the voice of reason. We are running out of room for some of the pets we have, but my children are attached to each one and are heartbroken when we have lost others in the past. They encourage us to add animals, and it is tough to tell them no. 

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Animals can often make life better, but there is a point where it is unsanitary and there is only so much room until the home is too full. Having different types of animals can be fun, and adding unique animals can make for good talking points, but at some point, there needs to be a line. If you have a zoo beginning at your home, what would you do if forced to downsize and lose some of the pets?

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