Anytime a phone number comes across your phone and is a different area code or a number you don't know, your instinct is to assume it is spam or a scam. As sad as it is, society is now at a point where you have to assume everyone has a hidden agenda and everything is some sort of scam to get a buck or two out of you. Scams are nothing new to our society, but how they are executed is. There are many different ways to pull a scam on someone, and there are always people out there who will fall for them. There is a scam that has been going around online that a few people are sure to fall for, but you need to beware before giving your money away.

Scam in California

Credit: Carlos_bcn
Credit: Carlos_bcn

It is amazing the lengths some scammers will go to. While typically they will call and try and use some fancy sales pitch to get you to buy something or give them your information, there is a certain scam going around that seems innocent but can be easy to fall for. Recently, my family and I saw a woman selling a dog on Facebook, and we messaged her to see about visiting a potential addition to our family. We messaged back and forth with the woman, and she eventually went silent on us. Life gets busy, so we thought nothing of it. She eventually replied and notified me that it would be a $200 deposit to hold the dog, and $300 to purchase it once we bought it. This seemed a bit off to us. The price of $500 for a dog isn't bad, but why would someone pay a deposit for a dog they aren't sure they are a good match for? 

Beware of Dog Scam in California

Credit: B4LLS
Credit: B4LLS

While some may view a deposit as typical business, I would agree if there was an agreement to buy the dog, not only meet it. A deposit could be made, and the woman could then message us before the meeting and say the dog is gone, ghost us, or never have a dog to begin with. If she did this to five people, she would make $1000 real quick. It is an easy scam to pull off, and one that many are doing across social media. The post was taken down soon after messaging us about the deposit, until we found her ad again later, indicating she had blocked us. It serves as a reminder that anytime you are buying something online, do not send money and wait until you meet in person. 

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It is always better to waste your time and gas and find out that you are stood up, before sending money to never hear from the person again. Sadly, too many scams like these are taking place, and many are continuing to fall for them. They are easy to avoid, if you use logic, instead of falling in love with the picture of the adorable puppy you want. As you browse through buy and sell pages and Facebook markets, be cautious, smart, and safe to avoid any potential scams. Do your homework and use your best judgment. If it feels off and smells fishy, it most likely is a scam.

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