It seems like a headline that would be right out of Florida, but nope, right here in Idaho. Nampa Police helped Idaho Fish and Game return an alligator to it's rightful place.

Being a police officer means helping those who need help, and I guess that includes alligators who start running a much in the city. The alligator was 6 feet long and it came from a person that had the proper permits and was keeping it as a pet. Apparently, according to different sources, the owner of the alligator lost track of it while they were cleaning the cage.

The Nampa Police Department got a call from a man saying an alligator was under their trailer in his back yard. Nampa Police helped tape the gators mouth shut so it wouldn't snap at them and helped Fish and Game get it back to it's rightful owner.

Could you imagine being the man who stumbled across this alligator in your back yard in the middle of the high desert?! I mean, if this was Florida sure but it isn't like alligators like to thrive in the Snake River. And this isn't Hagerman where they are known for having some alligator farms and what not. I am pretty sure I would check and make sure someone hadn't spiked my drink.

Bravo guys! You all are braver than me. Though, I do wonder what it is like to have a gator as a pet. Why do I feel like this is the start of a B rated horror movie.

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