The College of Southern Idaho is not the only college of university making the announcement to changes in the sports schedule. CSI has decided to move most of the fall sports to the spring.

They only exception to this rule is Cross Country and I would assume that is because it is a no contact sport and the goal is to be at least 6 feet in front of your opponent. Not a lot of people piled together except for the starting line.

All other fall sports including men's and women's rodeo and women's volleyball has been postponed until the spring semester. There is no news yet on winter sports that include men's and women's basketball. We will likely not get an answer on that for a few more months. Hopefully those sporting events continue as planned.

Entire conferences have announced the cancellation or postponement of athletics, including the Big Sky Conference which ISU and University of Idaho are both part of and the Mountain West which Boise State is part of. The Mountain West called it an indefinite postponement and Big Sky said fall sports will take place in the spring.

I really hope, for these athletes sake, that those sports are able to be played, even if it is at a later date. I can't imagine losing my senior year of sports because of this. It could have major implications for the future of some of these young athletes.

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