Moose are wild animals and should never be approached by people. They are aggressive, they are territorial, and they will likely charge if you approach them, but what happens when one enters the building you are in and approaches you? This may seem absurd but a moose recently walked into a building for a snack and it was all caught on camera.

Video of Moose Walking into Movie Theater

Recently in Alaska, a moose walked through the doorway into a movie theater for an afternoon snack. There are a few different angles caught on camera, with one showing a scared, yet brave, employee behind the counter watching the whole situation unfold. The moose made its way to a trash can to eat some popcorn, before getting a happy meal box stuck on its snout. It eventually walked out, once it was done with its snack, and went about its day. This proves that movie theater popcorn, really is the best, if even moose can't resist. The good news is nobody got hurt, but things could have played out differently. With moose being in the area, how would things play out if one were to enter Magic Valley Cinemas? 

Moose in Magic Valley Cinemas

While this was in Alaska and not in Twin, it raises questions of what would happen if a moose did enter the movie theater here. It isn't out of the realm of possibility, as moose have been known to make their way into town, and if one were to enter Magic Valley Cinemas, chaos would likely ensue. Not only would it be in the theater, but it would be able to access the mall, which would put more people in danger. The good news is that the outdoor doors to the theater are typically closed, blocking a moose from entering. Let's hope that this situation never occurs here, but if it does, hopefully, it will have the same results.

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Make sure to watch both videos to get both views and enjoy a smile when the moose turns and looks at the camera with a happy meal attached to its face. While these videos are entertaining and fun, the thought of being in Magic Valley Cinemas and walking out to a moose in the lobby is terrifying. Enjoy the video, and make sure to be cautious entering and leaving the movies next time, because you never know who or what might be in the lobby.

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