Dog owners know after their 1st 4th of July if their pet is one of the firework-sensitive types. Once that has been established, a game plan is formed. But even with the best prevention tactics in place, our fur babies can freak out and get free.

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I had an experience this weekend before the 4th of July. My dog was in the truck with me sticking her head out the window in traditional dog fashion. Some fireworks exploded in the air, and her whole body flew to the back seat. On the next volley, she was under the driver’s seat to stay safe. She wedged herself under so well, my husband had to remove the truck seat when I got home because she was stuck.

I realize I was lucky. She could have just as easily jumped out and run away. Some other dog owners prepare and take precautions only to be thwarted by anxiety-ridden canines.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter Has a Full House After the 4th of July and Needs Your Help

People for Pets at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is a wonderful organization ready to step in when the furry heartbeats that inhabit our home get a case of wanderlust. They have quite a few unknown pets that need to be reunited with their families.

They also are very busy and have a special request for anyone who has lost a pet during the holiday.

"If you are missing an animal please come to the shelter directly to look. If you are unable to come down please call the shelter directly and leave a detailed message and staff will get back to you as soon as we can.
Please be patient as staff will be busy trying to reunite furbabies to their homes."

So please, if you have lost your pesky pooch, go to the shelter, or at least, leave a message at 208-736-2299. They are very busy trying to reunite the runaway Rovers as quickly as possible.

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