If you have been on social media lately you may have seen these "Margarita Crawl" and "Mimosa Crawl" advertised through AZ Food Festival. It appears to be a scam so if you spent money for tickets you might want to try to get your money back.

If you click the like for AZ Food Festivals, it appears they do actual festivals and these "crawls" are hiding under their legitimate events. If you look around more and more people are talking about it being a scam, that they paid money to do the crawl and they never happened. So I started doing a little research myself.

I called some Downtown Twin Falls bars and restaurants. For an event that is supposed to happen in September, there is not a single owner that I called that said they have been approached to be part of it. It is hard to have an event with Downtown Twin Falls bars if they don't actually contact them.

The event is supposed to be one ticket price and it gets you discounted drink prices as participating bars and restaurants. So not only does it not get you free drinks, but they also don't appear to be having anyone participate.

Now it definitely appears to be a scam. I reached out to the contact information on their website and have not had a call or email back. It might not be a scam, but it definitely feels like one. Purchase at your own risk.

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