Salt Lamps have becoming wildly popular over the last few years. The lamps are beautiful and claim to have numerous health benefits. According to Natural Living Ideas, some of the benefits include: cleaning the air, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, aids coughing and can even improve your mood.

The big news is these lamps could kill you. No, really. Michael's just announced a national recall on 80,000 salt lamps. Lumière, is the specific brand that is being recalled. The recall has occurred due to the dimmer switch and/or outlet plug overheating and igniting. This creates a serious chance of shock and fire.

If you have one of these lamps, please check the description SKU UPC code. The three codes Micheal's is reporting are:

  • Rock of Gibraltar Lamp 495144 00886946056253
  • Carnival of Lights 495433 00886946058325
  • Basket of Rocks 495146 00886946056277

For more information, visit Michael's product recall page or call 1(800) 642-4235.

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