I used to work as an administrative assistant in a counseling office. The waiting list for an opening with a counselor only grew longer by the time I left. It seemed that no matter how many new people we scheduled, 2 more were calling to get help. I realized these were just the people actively seeking help. How many more people are out there that needed the help, but were scared to ask or couldn’t wait to be seen by a counselor?

Sometimes people need a boost but we don’t know how to help. Sometimes we are the people that need help but don’t know how to ask. Breaking through our own barriers of emotion and self-doubt to ask for or to give help is vital.

Gain Positivity During Community Night at Canyon Ridge High School

How do we begin this process? Where do we begin? Who do we ask for help? What should we ask for? Why do we need support? All these questions need answers. There’s a way to get those answers and more in Twin Falls on Monday, April 17th. We know it isn’t only young people who are in need. These community events are for everyone and can benefit all. Ryan Stream and Jared Scott will motivate young and old alike.

Realizing there are people who have felt the way you feel and have done the things you’ve done. Knowing there is someone who has had similar thoughts and pain like yours will benefit you in healing yourself and also help you in assisting other people.

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If you miss the event on the 17th don’t worry, there’s another chance in Jerome on the 18th.

If you are in crisis or know someone who is, please dial 988 to speak with the Idaho Suicide and Crisis hotline.


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