Over the last few years, the Twin Falls Police Department has been adding different colors and causes to their vehicles. Some of them are as simple as going maroon for Canyon Ridge High School to going pink for breast cancer awareness. Now they have added a lime green one for mental health.

The Twin Falls Police Department now has a CSI vehicle, Canyon Ridge vehicle, Breast Cancer Awareness vehicle, a Domestic Violence Awareness vehicle, a camouflage vehicle to support our troops, their normal blue vehicles and now a Mental Health Awareness vehicle.

Mental health is a big issue in the United States. According to research, 35% of high school students have reported depression and hopelessness in Idaho 46% of female students in Idaho reported it as well, 31% across the United States.

22% of high school students seriously contemplated suicide in Idaho and 13% across the United States. 29% of females said they seriously considered committing suicide and 14% of males in Idaho said they have thought about hurting themselves as well.

These statistics were from 2017 and you can see further studies and information by clicking here. Mental health is a tough thing for adults to handle let alone teenagers who already don't understand the changes they are going through.

I love that the Twin Falls Police Department can help bring awareness to the mental health issues in the community. Plus, the vehicle looks pretty cool.

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