With limited time-off resources, how does a person judge when it is time for a random day off? Is there a requirement for advance notice for even 1 day? Trying to plan for vacation time off from work can be a headache enough to call in for a sick day. These are precious days away from work and cannot be spent frivolously.

How to Know It Is Time to Take a Mental Health Day Off in Idaho

When your co-worker is typing so loudly breaking fingers is being seriously considered. Perhaps they are typing with only their index fingers and a thumb on the space bar so quickly, you could swear they are randomly typing letters just to make you annoyed. It would appear it is time to go ahead and take that day. I mean, nobody types that fast. Did they find a specialty super loud keyboard?

When the 5-minute drive to work takes twice or even 3 times as long. You just can’t seem to get up to the speed limit just so you can take longer to get there. No matter what music you listen to or the positive affirmation quotes you recite while driving the block in circles, trying to extend your time in traffic versus walking into the building, it could be an indicator that a day off is in order.

The color on the walls makes you want to sleep all day. Why is there so much beige? Is there a color called ‘institutional’? That’s what you see every day at your work. No amount of staring out the one un-shaded window to the middle distance will compensate for the mind-numbing boredom of the color in the office. This may be a reason to look at a day away.

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I suppose there is a point to consider for family reunions or weddings, but are there enough of those to get you through? Funerals and illness aren’t reliable enough to get the proper perspective away from work to be a consideration. Mental health days are going to have to be built into the plans on how to spend time away from work. How do you plan those 4 weeks in advance? Know your work well. Leave days in the bank.

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