As you may have noticed, school is almost out. Now begins the torment of what to have the young 'uns do this summer. I've done many of the programs from CSI Community Ed summer programs for my daughter, and I have to say, it was time and money well spent!

She's older now, so not in need of as many of these programs, but I would recommend any of them as a trial run for your kids. Maybe they'll find a new passion! I sent my daughter to cooking classes for 2 years and have enjoyed her creations in the kitchen ever since. They're EDIBLE!!! Lego Robotics camp, Literary Camp, Summer Science Camp, many more to enjoy! Some of these have limited room, so I would suggest getting the ball rolling.

Hope to see you all there! She'll be doing the Theatre Camp this year. That's 1 week down, the rest of the summer to go.

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