There are a ton of places to go hiking near Stanley and Redfish Lake. If you have never been to the Lily Pond, it is a bit of a hike but totally worth it. And if you are not much of a hiker there is actually a ferry you can take to reduce the stress of the hike.

Either way, this Lily Pond looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. The backdrop of the amazing mountains, the lily pads covering the pond are stunning. You almost can't see the water at all. This looks like something straight out of an animated fairy tale.

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake

Lily Pond near Redfish Lake by Stanley

According to the All Trails website, the Lily Pond and Redfish Lake Creek Falls is 1.3 miles and it is moderately trafficked. The lake and hike is good for all skill levels. The person I got these pictures from actually stated she brought her young children on the hike with her and they were able to do it with virtual ease. There were a couple of places she had to pick the kids up over fallen trees and debris, but nothing major. All things you should expect while on a hike in the back trails.

You can take the boat shuttle from Redfish Lake Lodge to the Redfish Inlet Campground which is pretty awesome if you ask me. You can find out more information here and maybe plan out your next adventure. It looks amazing.

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