Legacy Fields in Filer is now open. The baseball, football and soccer complex is a place for everyone to enjoy playing sports in a maintained and friendly environment. It is also a place that you can meet people who have similar interests as you.

Legacy Field will eventually hold special events and tournaments, right now if you have a football, soccer or baseball squad looking for a place to practice, you can check them out. If you are also looking for a squad to join you can contact them as well and they will help you join a league.

Sports are a great way to get in shape and have some fun without worrying about going to the gym. The gym isn't necessarily for everyone and if you want to workout without actually feeling like you're working out, sports are a great way to do that.

Legacy Field is also an option for a family reunion, birthday parties or just a get together. And if you want to play football, they have a variety of teams for everyone. Any games hosted at the local football field will also come with concessions so you can have fans cheer you on. Food is a great incentive. They will even find a league you can be part of. How cool is that? I might have to try to find a women's football league.

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