Kirsten Brown, who works with the nonprofit Idaho Angels, is October's Duran Group Powered by Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

According to the nominator, Kirsten started up a group called Idaho Angels, which helps people in need. She collects goods and distributes them to people in need. When someone has a tragedy, Kirsten finds out what they need and she will go out of her way to get most if not all of their needs met.

She doesn't charge anyone for anything - not even if she has to go a long distance to deliver it. She is always watching to see who needs help. The nominator says Kirsten doesn't care who it is, she is there to help them if they need it. She does Thanksgiving drives, Christmas drives, coat drives, and school drives because she believes no child or anyone should ever have to go without. The nominator says she has a heart of gold and is an amazing woman who puts the needs of others first. The nominator said Kirsten has also started a page for missing people. They believe she deserves to be recognized for the amazing things she does for people just out of the kindness of her heart.

On behalf of all of us at Townsquare Media --and all of those that voted for you, thanks for all you do in the community, Kirsten Brown!

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