A Kimberly man has been sentenced in the U.S. District Court to 36 months in a federal prison for mailing a threatening letter to an Idaho prosecutor. According to the news release, the man sent the letter to Attorney Bart M. Davis.

The news release stated that the Kimberly man, Nathanael Michael West who is 23 years old, admitted to sending the threatening letter to a Twin Falls prosecutor. Attorney Bart M. Davis apparently had successfully prosecuted West for previous crimes he had committed prompting the threatening letter.

According to court records, after Davis received the letter, law enforcement found West, interviewed him and that is when West admitted right there to sending the correspondence.

According to the news release, West had sent the letter from inside an Idaho Department of Corrections facility that he has been in for those previous other crimes that Davis has successfully prosecuted him for.

The 36 months comes along with 3 years of supervised release after he serves the current sentences that have been given to Nathanael West.

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