Joe Mama's Car Show in Jerome is a huge party for car enthusiasts, families, people who enjoy food, and so much more. Even if you aren't a huge fanatic about cars, there are plenty of things for everyone else to do. Joe Mama's Car Show is a must-attend event.

Joe Mama's Car Show

Joe Mama's Car Show is Friday, August 19th, and Saturday, August 20th. Show and Shine to kick off the weekend is at Con Paulos Chevrolet in Jerome. At 5 pm everyone will leave the dealership after the Show and Shine and a cruise to Jerome City Park where the rest of the activities will take place. You will definitely see some amazing vehicles and participate in awesome events.

Events At Joe Mama's Car Show

Of course, you can check out all the vehicles there, but there is more. On Friday, there is a rib eating contest. The contest starts at 6 pm and if you want to participate you need to fill out a form before the contest.

On Saturday, registration opens at 5:30 am, and then starting at 9 am all the judging starts for the show. There will be awards given out for a variety of different things like Best Ford, From Across The Pond, Fugly and so much more. To register your vehicle it is $20 dollar per car. All the proceeds go back to the community. There will also be RC demonstrations, a kids pie, or a hot dog eating contest, which is based on age. And then a sound-off muffler competition and winners parade to wrap up the day.

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