The Jerome Police Department has decided to challenge Jerome Fire and the community to a sock collection challenge. It is going to be epic! The plan is to collect as many youth socks as they can so they can be donated and distributed to children in need around the area.

Sock Challenge Declared

Jerome Police called out the Jerome City Fire Department specifically in trying to get as many socks collected as possible. Everything is more fun when there is a little competition involved right? They are also asking different businesses around the area to help and participate. The end date for the competition is November 10th.

Jerome Police Talking Smack

The Jerome Police Department is one of my favorite Facebook pages to follow because they are hilarious. They are talking smack to Jerome Fire, accusing them of having "cold feet" because they did not respond to their challenge yet. They have also tagged multiple businesses in their posts in hopes of more participation. Some businesses have already jumped on board to help. Whoever collects the most socks wins.

Challenge Completion And More Information

On November 10th at 2 pm, the official sock count will begin. The Police Department, maybe the Jerome Fire Department, and all the other businesses participating will drop off their socks for the official count. All the socks will stay locally to help families in need. No kid should have to worry about cold feet. D&B Supply already helped Jerome with cases of socks! They definitely look like they are in the lead right now. Do you think you can beat them? Give it a shot. No one truly loses in this challenge.

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