Finding a job is not the most pleasant experience. Actually, it is brutal. Between searching, sending resumes, checking in to see if applications have been received, interviews that never go anywhere, and waiting, nerves are sensitive for however long it takes to get employed.

The Idaho Department of Labor was here to help me when I moved to Twin Falls years ago and had no idea where to begin looking for a job. After dropping resumes all over town and hunting on my own, I made an account with the type of job I was looking for. Not long after, a posting on their job listings is how I ended up here today. They were a big help in finding the right job for me. Maybe this is someone’s chance at their own perfect placement for employment.

Who Should Attend the Jackpot In July Hiring Event?

Seasoned workers who have a job and are interested in changing employment, students who are wondering what kind of career would work best for them, and community members wondering what kind of jobs are in Jackpot are all welcome.

Job seekers are encouraged to bring their resume. There are jobs open now, and future ones in the works. These employers are actively recruiting and motivated to find the right employees. Are you that person?

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This FREE event is happening July 17th at the Twin Falls Department of Labor office, 420 Falls Avenue. Brooke Thompson can answer any questions at 208-735-2500 Ext. 3526, or email her at

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