What do other people consider to be hard work? Do you think you work hard? Hard work may be a relative term, but WalletHub has a list of cities (at least 1 for each state) considered to be the Hardest-Working Cities in America.

Don’t be troubled if your city isn’t on the list. Realizing that each state had to be represented, some numbers may seem skewed. Keep in mind this study is for the city proper and does not include metro areas surrounding them. Plenty of Californians work hard, but which cities are considered to be giving the extra 10%?

Should California Work Harder, or Smarter?

The highest a California city ranks is 8th, with San Francisco. Texas has 9 cities in the top 20. There may be a way to go for other California cities. How do they decide what constitutes hard work, anyway?

Source: WalletHub

There are plenty of factors weighted in the report. The study looked at ‘direct work factors’ like how many workweek hours employees perform, what the employment rate is, how many households in the city have no adults working, what vacation time workers leave unused, if workers are enthusiastic and involved in their workplace, and youth between the ages of 16 and 24 that are neither in school nor working.

They also considered ‘indirect work factors’ like commute time, workers with multiple jobs, volunteer hours, local group participation hours, and leisure time spent.

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Is it maybe better to just work smarter? Would the bottom of the list be a better place to be. More leisure time spent vs. work time spent is a bad thing?

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