When we think of hard work in Idaho, there are plenty of different views. Some consider hard work to be showing up without fail. Others weigh the physical labor involved in the job. Maybe how many jobs, or volunteering is where value is placed.

Where Does Idaho Rank in 2023’s Hardest Working States in the US?

Source: WalletHub

It looks like the top 5 Hardest Working States are cold and bleak. Well, by Florida standards anyway. South Dakota does have the governor pushing for skilled workers to move there. So, maybe they need more hard workers.

In the 1,811 hours per year spent working, Idaho has an overall score of 17th in a study of the hardest working states. This takes into account workweek hours, employment rate, idle youth rate, volunteer hours per resident, commute time, workers with multiple jobs, and leisure time spent per day.

But Idaho ranks higher than other states in several key areas. We are 10th in the employment rate. Idaho unsurprisingly spends many work hours volunteering and ranks 4th in the nation. Many Idahoans have 2 jobs which puts us at 8th in the nation. But when it is time to play, we know how to get that done, too. With a respectable show of 5th in the nation, work/life balance is important to us.

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Utah has the lowest average workweek hours, but one of the highest employment rates in the nation. Again, unsurprisingly, Utah beats out Idaho in volunteer hours coming in at a tie for 1st with … Wyoming? Well, what few people live in Wyoming seem to donate plenty of time. Wyoming, the Delaware of the West.

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