Looking for the right job is daunting. Repeat interviews and rejections can wear down one’s resolve. Some job posts shine with sparkles around them, sunbeams shoot down through the clouds, and angelic music plays. Is this perfect job posting possible?

In the job market as in many other things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are some warning signs that a job posting may not be as good as it seems.

5 Red Flags to Watch for in Idaho Job Postings

  1. Look for salary information. Many postings will include a wage range for hourly or salary positions. Hourly tends to mention ‘starting at’ or a flat rate while salary positions offer a range depending on experience, but it is a number. Be aware of catchphrases like ‘competitive salary and benefits package’, ‘salary discussed during interview and subject to negotiation’, or ‘qualifications will align with compensation’.
  2. Unclear job descriptions are something else of which to be wary. The description needs to give an idea of what the job actually does. Vague and extended descriptions could indicate the hiring manager is fishing for someone to fit a different job entirely, or it could indicate a scam trying to get applicants to supply personal information.
  3. If a job posting has too many grammatical errors, it could be a sign of a fake posting or, again, a scam. There are many ways to relieve an eager applicant from vital personal information.
  4. Watch for no mention of benefits. If the job is part-time, there is no concern, but if a job is full-time the applicant should be aware if benefits will be available or not. Many small businesses don’t have insurance but may offer 401k, or some other type of benefit.
  5. The workload required should match the salary offered. A salary too low in the job posting itself could indicate the company is not feeling the position is valued.
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Looking for and finding the right job is quite an undertaking. Be aware, but not scared. Too much apprehension may end in missing a great opportunity.

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