When COVID hit, I was left unemployed, and facing a job market was scary for someone who hadn’t had to look in many years. Interviews for a new job are a strange sensation and if you make it past the first round of interviews and are invited back for a second, you start to feel good about yourself. But in many cases, I got through an interview and then heard nothing from the hiring side.

Should Employers Follow Up On All Interviews?

This lack of action on the part of the employer began to feel personal. If I interviewed with you for an hour, the least you can do is tell me you’ve ‘gone in a different direction’, or ‘chosen another applicant’ before other job opportunities I’m interested in pass. I held off on applying for jobs because the interviews I had done went so well. Some employers were 'looking to fill the position as soon as possible'. Others would 'call when they made a decision'. But to be employer ghosted was not cool when I’d been looking for months.

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I know I’m not perfect for every job, nobody is. But if you decide to hire someone else, please just tell me. I’m an adult according to my driver’s license and I can take the rejection.

Eventually, I found a great job with a wonderful company. The people were encouraging and patient while training me to do a job I initially knew little about. I worked there happily for years. It was a blessing in disguise to have not been employed by the other jobs I interviewed for, but there was still a little bitter taste in my mouth because of the way they handled the after-interview responses.

Here’s Why Employers Need To Follow Up On All Interviews

I have learned something about myself. I’m a vindictive job hunter. I will no longer attend, purchase, or use the services of places that interviewed me, but didn’t hire me and left me hanging after interviews. Nothing brings the kind of joy you feel of not getting a job and then seeing a posting for that same job six months later. Because I know I would have been perfect for that job and you hired someone else after ghosting me. You were wrong, and I have proven my rightness yet again.

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So, employers, even if you are only looking to hire 1 person and you interview 15 people, you have an opportunity to not hire 14 people and not make them hate you. Just let them know asap that you aren’t hiring them.

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